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Three New Features for Pardot

Multiple Tracker Domains

You can add, track and maintain multiple tracker domains within Pardot.  You can choose your tracker domain when creating custom redirects, files, forms and landing pages.  The number of domains you have depends on your edition:

  • Growth: 3
  • Plus: 10
  • Advanced: 20


Merge Language

Using the same tags used in Salesforce Sales Cloud emails, you can use now HML (Handlebars Merge Language).  This standardizes email template building between Pardot and Salesforce. The good news for Pardot users is the ability to use conditional statements. No longer do you have to segment around bad data (so no more blanks for first names), but you can add conditional statements making the content more dynamic.  So what happens to the current Pardot variables?  Nothing, the Pardot %% variables will continue to work in the future. So, you have plenty of time to learn the new language while your current templates continue to work.  Below are some links to how to learn HML:

Engagement Studio Multiple Criteria

Now you can make 1 complex rule within Engagement Studio.  The good news is you can now make engagement studio program with reduce number of steps. There is some limitation with this feature. You can only look at 5 items in building out in this complex rule.  So don’t plan on making one rule to check all 50 states at once, but you will find this is a great step making it easier to use Engagement Studio.  Learn more about about complex rules on the Pardot Blog.