Dynamic Lists

Be Dynamic With Pardot Lists

Dynamic lists offer an easy way to automate and keep your email subscriber lists up to date, but most marketers forget to use them. When marketers first start using Pardot, they quickly learn how to create static lists. With static lists you can quickly add and remove prospects without constraints. With only a small number of lists in the system, static lists work pretty well. But as your marketing efforts grow so do the number of lists. Soon, you find yourself overwhelmed with too many lists and spending all your time manually adding and removing prospects. Many marketers just give up on list maintenance and abandon them, but they should have adopted dynamic lists instead. Let me show you how powerful dynamic lists can be.

Public Dynamic Lists

The email preference center is a key part of keeping your email marketing going, but it’s easily forgotten and rarely maintained. You have a preference center so that you can provide your subscribers with an alternative to unsubscribing. By giving them the option to selectively remove themselves from a particular email list, you can retain them for other marketing emails they still want to receive. So, how do you add your list to the preference center? just use dynamic lists and make them public.

When you use dynamic lists and set them to be public, they will display on your email preference center, but only for those prospects who had matched the list’s criteria. This is ideal when you have distinct segments to whom you wish to market.

For example, you have a partner at Dexter Labs who has asked to receive your partner newsletter. You also have a customer named Dee Dee who wants to receive your product newsletter. Finally, you have Mandark who is both a partner and uses your product who wishes to receive both newsletters. You can manage all their requests with just two dynamic lists. Here are the easy steps to do it:

Step 1: You need to have fields you can use to set list criteria.

Step 2:  You create your dynamic lists.

Step 3: Set the dynamic list criteria

Step 4: Update prospects manually, or by forms or by automation to use new fields.

Step 5: Check your Pardot email preferences page